Save as draft

Phew! Made it to the last day of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up with writing each day nor would I even know what to write about for 31 days. It turns out I had too many things to write about. I really empathized with my students that have lists of topic ideas and pages of entries yet say, “I don’t know what to write about.”

I was inspired by so many other bloggers to try different formats or blog about similar topics. I’d start a new post, but not really have my idea fleshed out. I’d struggle to figure out the angle I wanted to take. The result: a bunch of posts with a sentence or two, maybe even a paragraph, all saved as drafts. And now it’s the last day and I don’t know what to write about.

Here are a few of the topics/formats/posts I didn’t write:

• Right now…
• Yesterday…
• The miracle of FaceTime
• Stepmom life (probably could be a whole series of blog posts)
• Cultural appropriation
• Growing up in a restaurant (One day I hope to turn this into a picture book.)

I guess there’s always the Tuesday Slice?

13 thoughts on “Save as draft

  1. I’ve had a similar reaction to the last day of my first month of slicing! Most amazing was learning that I did have something — and maybe a little more — to write about. Now that is a thing I’ll take back to my students, too.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love these ideas not yet fleshed out, so I too hope you keep writing! It has been so wonderful spending time in Vivian-land, learning more about you, and being privileged enough to hear your thoughts. Thank you for showing up.

  3. It was a pleasure to get to know you a bit through your writing this month. I’m glad you were here and I’m grateful for the stories you shared with us. Congrats! 31 days in a row is an achievement!

  4. That is a wonderful list! I look forward to the break to build up my list in my writer’s space (it’s just a google doc…shhhh).

    I found connection with my students as well. I will see you around in Tuesdays!

  5. If love you see that picture book idea come to fruition. It’s a wonderful idea. The posts where people said they didn’t know what to write about kind of surprised me. I have lists upon lists of writing ideas. Maybe it’s old age! Maybe having a topic isn’t the real issue but finding the magic, the inspiration is sometimes. Hope to see you Tuesday.

  6. It’s been fun to get to “know” a new slicer! The stories you’ve told have been eye-opening to this Midwesterner! 🙂

    You’ve got weeks’ worth of content in this slice, so please, I hope we see you on Tuesdays! 🙂

  7. There IS always a Tuesday slice – and you know I’ll be reading it! And like you, I was anxious about coming up with ideas, then wondering how I’d trim my list down. That, in my eyes, is what I call a GOOD problem to have. =)

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