Anyone else nervous?

After California lifted so many of the COVID rules on June 15, I’ve sloooooowly started to feel safer and safer going places without a mask. But now with news continuing about the Delta variant, I’ve started wearing my mask regularly again. I had dinner with a doctor friend who told me not to be complacent even with a vaccine.

I just started to feel more “normal” and now I’m feeling nervous again! With such a high percentage of people still not fully vaccinated, I fear we are going to be put back into lockdown and we’ll start seeing higher numbers of hospitalizations and deaths.

I hope that our experience this last year plus will have taught us how to deal with this new variant better than the original, but I’m not sure.

Anyone else feeling this way?

4 thoughts on “Anyone else nervous?

  1. In a word, YES. I feel divided between relief that there are places I can remove my mask, and the apprehension about not entirely being through this. Going without a mask is all at once freeing and scary. All of which is to say, I feel you on this one. ❤

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