Safe! or am I out?

It’s MLB playoffs and as a Dodgers fan (#goblue) I’ve got baseball on the mind. So when I looked at the clock and saw there were about 15 more minutes until midnight Eastern time, I imagined myself sliding into home as I logged in to read some blogs and write one myself. Looks like I made it. Phew! Safe. (Of course as a Californian, I still have 3 hours, but where would the drama be?)

It’s now 8:52 pm Pacific time, it’s the bottom of the sixth inning and the Boys in Blue are up 5-1 against the Giants. I guess I won’t be blogging after all. I’ve got some baseball to watch.

4 thoughts on “Safe! or am I out?

  1. Vivian, I slide into Two Writing Teachers a few minutes before you. My husband is quite content watching the Dodgers. It is one of his favorite pastimes since he was born in Brooklyn. I fell asleep watching Dancing with the Stars and woke to a cloak veering toward the stroke of midnight. Your slice made me feel that I am not the only one trying to write before the clock strikes 12. Happy Fall!

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