Water under the bridge

Sadly, I’ve recently had a falling out with a friend. Or maybe not so sadly. Here’s the thing, this person has done harm to myself and other friends in our circle, but each time, we let it go. We continue to gather as friends and move forward.

It’s water under the bridge.

But recently another incident happened and I decided I’ve had enough. The water that has flowed under the bridge time and time again has actually been dammed up. There’s too much there for it to just flow under the bridge. The resulting flood has caused too much damage.

5 thoughts on “Water under the bridge

  1. Your post really hits a chord with me. I have experienced the same thing with members of my husband’s family. After 41 years of marriage (48 together) we have decided that it is not worth the aggravation they are causing, and we are pulling back. It is a little trickier with family, but…damming it up is killing us.

  2. This hits home with me watching a Facebook interaction. Both were friends, but on their terms, not mine. It’s hard to watch them continue that friendship, but I know, it’s for the best that I don’t interact. It hurts, but the flooding they both caused is too much to overcome.

    Thanks for sharing some hard things, Vivian. It’s how we heal, together.❤️

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