Ooooh, I only have a few minutes and I don’t want to break my slicing streak. Can I write a haiku? Summer’s almost hereDays get longer, weeks are shortThe beach calls my name. Funny, I just listened to Thomas Newkirk talk about his book, Embarrassment, and that’s exactly what I’m feeling. I am self-conscious about […]

That’s good! That’s bad!

Today’s slice is inspired by this book: Saturday evening, Hoff and Vivian went on a date to see the Ukrainian “ethnic chaos” band, DakhaBrakha. Oh, that’s good!No, that’s bad! When they got to the theater there was a long line wrapped around the block and only 15 minutes until show time. A man barked, “It […]

Seasons of love

The musical Rent was in town for its 25th Anniversary Farewell Tour last week. My sisters and I, admitted RENT-heads, had to get tickets, of course. This is a tradition we’ve had for as long as it’s been coming to Los Angeles. Whenever possible we’ve tried to see it together. There was that one year […]

Farm fresh

It’s spring break! This morning we ventured about 20 miles from the resort where we’re staying to have breakfast at the Flora Farms restaurant in San Jose del Cabo. It was a beautiful venue surrounded by the verdant gardens popping with the yellows and pinks of sunflowers and jamaica. The food was delicious and the […]

Let’s meet IRL

“It’s a hellscape.” That’s what I usually answer when people ask me about Twitter. Because it is…except when it’s not. You know how social media works. Somehow Big Brother sees who you’re friends with and next thing you know they’re sending their friends’ and friends of friends’ content across your feed. Sometime in 2020, a […]

Looks like we made it

Congrats to all my fellow slicers–we made it to day 31! Now if you thought you’d come here and get thanks from me, you’re wrong. I already thanked you on Day 1, remember? In all seriousness, I have been filled with gratitude each and every day of this challenge by the generosity and kindness of […]


Yesterday I got a handwritten thank you note in my mailbox at home from a principal I work with. It was sent with a postage stamp and everything! While it was just a short message of gratitude, it meant the world to me to know that she put in the effort to write the words […]


Anyone watching the show Severance on Apple TV+? How would I describe it? Fascinating, weird, unsettling, quirky, compelling, thought-provoking… Here’s the description from the show page:Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, it begins a […]


I saved this post from Darin Johnston for a day like today, a day when I have things I to write about, but not now. Currently I am… Reading: The 1619 Project, 55 Essential Writing Strategies, and listening to Tell Me More. The 1619 Project is so good and should be required reading for all […]

Becoming my mother

This evening we hosted a casual dinner at home for another couple. I had jokingly promised to make mapo tofu for the wife a few weeks ago. I thought tonight’s meal would be a perfect opportunity to make good on that promise. Buuuuut, I didn’t want to commit making a bunch of other dishes, especially […]