Lesson (not) learned

Last week I wrote about how I tend to be pretty lucky, particularly when it comes to losing things. While I was writing, I remembered a moment from high school when I didn’t think I was so lucky, even though I really was… “Bye! I’ll be back on time!” I called out, as I dashed […]

Lucky streak

My husband always says I’m a very lucky person. Not just because I married him (pause for chuckle), but when things go awry for me, they somehow always work out in the end. Of course, that’s not completely true, but it happens often enough that I think he might be right. Now, I’m not talking […]

Land of the free

This is a late post. Like really late. Like it’s about July 4th late. But it’s still July and it’s a free country right? Actually, that’s the question I’m pondering, what does it mean when we say it’s a free country? What is freedom anyway? This year my family and I spent Independence Day in […]

Anyone else nervous?

After California lifted so many of the COVID rules on June 15, I’ve sloooooowly started to feel safer and safer going places without a mask. But now with news continuing about the Delta variant, I’ve started wearing my mask regularly again. I had dinner with a doctor friend who told me not to be complacent […]

Thought partner

Ever since I was 16 years old, I’ve had a at least a part-time job. I’ve never not worked. When my peers were taking trips to sunny beaches, I was picking up extra shifts. Although I’ve continued to be employed, the pandemic changed the pace of my work schedule. Suddenly I had time when I […]

Commencement ceremony in a car

Last Saturday I attended my oldest step-son’s commencement ceremony…sort of. Because of social distancing guidelines here in Los Angeles county, students were only given two tickets to commencement. Unfortunately, there were three of us that wanted to attend–my husband, my other step-son, and me. I knew it was important for my younger step-son to be […]

Something old is new again

This morning I woke up extra early; I was going to do something I haven’t done since March 2020! I already had my outfit ready to go. I checked the directions the night before so I’d know where I was going. I nervously got ready with lots of questions and wonderings running through my mind: […]

Writing equations

I was inspired by this blog post by Nawal Qarooni Casiano to write some equations today. (If you haven’t already read this post, go there first!) Here are some drafts in no particular order:music + movement = joy mid-afternoon nap + dog at feet = bliss clouds + Saturday = lazy day flowers + nose […]

Mother’s day reflection

I recently made a TikTok to encourage people to read a blog post written by the founding director of the organization I work for. It was about reconsidering spending time on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day projects in the classroom and instead leaving that up to families. I’m sure most, if not all, teachers can […]