What’s in your bag?

“Do you have a tissue?” my husband asked the other day while we were out and about.

“No, sorry,” I replied, rummaging around in my bag for show. I knew I didn’t have any. I felt a pang of embarrassment. You wouldn’t think not having a pack of tissues would cause such emotion, but you didn’t grow up with my mom. My mom always carried a pack of tissue with her without fail. Once, when she overheard me tell my sister I didn’t have any in my purse, she called me a Barbarian. (I didn’t understand this dramatic response until years later, when visiting China, and I had to learn the hard way. It turns out that tissue, toilet paper, napkins–these are not given out so freely as they are here in the U.S.)

Other things I often don’t have in my bag? Gum, hard candy, a pen. Sometimes I don’t even have a bag. I’d rather stuff things into my pocket than schlep around a purse, especially if I can’t find one that makes my outfit just right.

What are the things my husband often asks for? Gum, hard candy, a pen. “Why do you even carry a purse when you don’t have anything good in there?” he asked me years ago when I once again came up empty-handed. Lipstick, an old receipt, and some Mexican pesos–those aren’t good? Maybe he should carry a bag.

What’s in your purse, bag, backpack? Do you have a tissue?

9 thoughts on “What’s in your bag?

  1. There’s a fun theme running through some of the posts today – Glenda Funk wrote about not having a pen in her purse! So funny. I often don’t carry a purse at all these days, darting into stores with only my license and my credit card…my car has become my purse, hahaha with tissues, wipes, masks, pens, paper…

  2. This made me smile because I am constantly asking Kathy if she has something in her purse that I need, most notably an aspirin when I have a headache. I know, I should be responsible for having whatever I think I might need.

  3. All things in the console of my car, ready for a request. Otherwise I do not carry a purse. Billfold, yes. Otherwise I packed the kitchen sink and still didn’t have the one thing I thought I needed. Great post!

  4. I’ve had to lighten up my bag recently because of my neck and back issues. Therefore, I have the essentials. I carry tissues, keys attached to a small wallet, and headphones. I also carry hand sanitizer, a pen, and a stylus — because I’m somewhat of a germaphobe!

  5. Your piece brought back a wonderful memory. I was a foreign exchange student in Argentina the summer of 1981, and this is a country that did/does not supply tissue in public restrooms. An item in my purse that is valued by my husband is his cheaters or reading glasses.

  6. Tissues, face masks, hand cream, Advil, dental floss, chap stick and my planner. Like you, I don’t carry my purse often. I end up stuffing my jacket pockets with phone, keys, sometimes a wallet, and always, tissues.

  7. I love your voice that runs throughout the slice.
    I am also camp stuff essentials in pockets and avoid a purse where possible

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